Who am I?

My name is Cameron Goodhead and I am currently a Masters by Research student at the University of Exeter. I am studying the use of drones for surveying wild Bornean orangutan populations. As a result, in 2020 I will be spending 7 months in the peat-swamp forests of Central Kalimantan, Borneo, working with wildlife NGO, Borneo Nature Foundation.

Bornean orangutans are critically endangered and we are hoping that using drones will allow us to conserve their populations more efficiently. 

During this time, I will be attempting to post regular updates on my blog about the research and my experience in the jungle, keep an eye out!

Outside of my research, I am passionate about Wildlife Photography and Filmmaking and spend a lot of my spare time out and about with my camera. Head to my photography page if you are interested in seeing some of my photos from all over the globe. I am also a keen sports enthusiast, particularly surfing and climbing.

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